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January 2024 to present: We are aboard the Sailing Yacht "Saoirse" (pronounce as Sir-sha) in Southeast Asia.  The plan for 2024 is to spend more time in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.
Current tracking link is here: https://www.noforeignland.com/boat/saoirse/journey
Or if you prefer to see it on the Predictwind site, you can find it here: https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/SVSaoirse/

HISTORICAL (reverse chronological)

May to December 2023: Now aboard Saoirse, we cruised Indonesia's Indian Ocean barrier islands west of Sumatra, namely the Mentawai Islands, Telos, and Nias, before heading over to Langkawi Malaysia in September. Finally she spent the end of the year in the area of Phuket, Thailand.

August 2022 to April 2023: We "slow-delivered" a J133 sailboat, named "Assarain IV" (pronounce As-a-Rain) from Port Hamble, England to New Jersey, USA. 
January to May 2022: 
 Slowly traveling across Canada from Vancouver Island, British Columbia to New Brunswick.

September to December 2021:
 Touring the islands of FIJI. By catamaran, sailboat, and by land, including volunteering for a few weeks doing coral restoration projects.

June to September, 2021: Crewing a sailing catamaran around French Polynesia (Tahiti and the Society Islands), then sailing to Fiji.

May 2021: Departed Canada, toured California for a month. This web site was created!