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   Here is a brief introduction to who we are. We are Kevin and Jeannine, a Canadian couple in our 30s who have escaped the rat race and are pursuing our dreams of travel and adventure around the world. We met through the sport of biathlon (cross-country skiing and shooting) and eventually got married in 2009. 

    Kevin has a military engineering background, and Jeannine has a high school teaching background. We both switched careers in 2014 to become Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in British Columbia, Canada. During our vacations from work, we did some limited travel, and also became qualified catamaran sailors by taking live-aboard American Sailing Association (ASA) courses in Florida and the Bahamas. We then planned a couple of group "bareboat" sailing charters with friends, renting yachts to cruise the British Virgin Islands and later Thailand. We have spent our recent volunteer years as crewmembers of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (station #34), which has given us more comfort in power boat handling, navigation, and dealing with emergencies on the water.

   Throughout our working careers we spent less than we earned and pursued financial independence, leading us to "retire" from full-time work at the end of 2019. We then spent a few months visiting family in Eastern Canada before the COVID-19 pandemic put our international travel plans on hold. So we took on part time work in our old careers travelling and exploring locally, while we continued to search for new opportunities for travel. 

   We left Canada in April 2021 and started our travels to go cruising on a catamaran starting in Tahiti, as crew on board sailing vessel Amanecer. In August we eventually did a two week offshore passage to Fiji,  where Amanecer got taken out of the water for the season. Since then we spent a few weeks volunteering on a coral reef restoration project, cruised around Fiji on SY Koro Vita and SV Wild Thing, and then explored Fiji's main island of Viti Levu by land.  We returned to British Columbia on Christmas and will be making our way out to the East Coast of Canada by this summer. Plans our fluid at the moment....we like to say that they're drawn in sand at low tide. We hope that you will follow along, and clue us in to any secrets you have learned in similar travels or at any of the destinations we hit!  ANY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR KELOWNA, SALMON ARM, OR NAKUSP BC?

For more details about our financial journey, travel plans, and experiences, check out our blog page here: Blog

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