“Slow Delivery” mission complete! What’s next?
Here's the news!

It's been a while hasn't it? It's time for some major updates. Let's get right into it!

Our last post was in August 2022, and we told you that we were about to leave the United Kingdom to deliver a J133-model sailboat to the United States. Well a lot has happened since then, as you will be aware of it you were following our Youtube videos or watching the boat's Predictwind live tracking link and blog (tracker is currently under maintenance).

Since that time we crossed the English Channel and Bay of Biscay to arrive in Spain. We then cruised the western coast of Spain and Portugal along the Iberian Peninsula before hopping over to the Madiera Islands group, then the Canary Islands, Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), followed by our Atlantic Crossing. Upon arrival in the Americas we cruised around Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Martin, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and then brought the boat up the United States east coast to New Jersey.

It took almost 8-months, but it still felt like a whirlwind tour, covering approximately 8000 nautical miles and all the countries listed above. We learned a lot, met a lot of great people, saw some cool things, and live to tell about it!  The best way to get into detail of all that stuff is to go back and watch the videos! As I write this we have probably two more videos to release of that journey.

In real time (as compared to the delayed  Youtube video-release time), we've flown around to the other side of the world for our new gig....crewing a new performance cruising catamaran, a McConaghy 55.  We are in Batam, Indonesia, which is very close to Singapore. We are addressing some maintenance issues here and getting the boat set up to be a long term live-aboard cruising boat, and then we plan to commence cruising, with intended stops in the Riau Islands and Mentawai islands of Indonesia, followed by a sojourn in Malaysia followed by cruising in Thailand.  More to follow one this new gig soon!
We are trying to decide where to go after Thailand....where we will be at Christmas.   East or West. Any ideas?


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