Update on this site and the videos

Here's what's going on with On FI-Land Time, and what to expect in the future!

Recently we have been travelling more, and getting requests from family and friends to keep up to date and give updates on our travels. We discussed options to do this, and recently decided that it would be best to create our own web site. Over the last few weeks Jeannine and I have been discussing how we want the site to look, and I think we have some great ideas!

Yesterday and today I built the framework of this web site. Jeannine finished off an amazing logo for our site. We have both been editing videos of our recent travels. Right now these live on Jeannine's YouTube channel, and you can watch or link to them through the Videos tab on our site.

You'll notice that the sound quality on our videos is often inconsistent, and it's hard to hear speech. Most of the videos were taken from Jeannine's smart phone, which is in a waterproof case, and is also impacted by wind noise. When you watch the videos I suggest that you enable the Closed Captions option on the bottom of the video screen.

We are not selling anything, and none of the links on our site are referral links or provide us any sort of benefit / reward. Our intent for the Resources page is to share what has worked for us, and what may help you!

Soon I want to add a place where readers can enter their email addresses if they want to subscribe to be notified about new blog posts and videos. I am new to all things web development, so I don't yet know how to do this. Please forgive my noob-ness. I will post when the subscription service is live. In the mean time, please keep checking back here periodically for updates!


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